Case Study: Kind Medical Cannabis 2.0 Tutorial Series

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Case Study: Kind Medical Cannabis 2.0 Tutorial Series


Kind Medical is one of Australia’s leading medicinal cannabis companies, their mission is to make high quality medicinal cannabis more accessible and affordable for Australians.

Project Overview

Kind Medical required a series of tutorial videos to educate healthcare professionals.

Our team worked closely with the client to ensure that each video was tailored to their specific needs and budget constraints. The final product included multiple videos.

Here is one of the final videos:



Our collaboration with Kind Medical began with a thorough understanding of their vision goals. We worked with the client to finalize the script, (client draft the script, we helped to make the scripts more “video-style”). Our team then created a detailed lighting plan and identified the perfect location for filming, keeping in mind the client's budget and vision for the tutorial video series.



Equipped with two Canon Cinema cameras with Sigma Prime Cinema Lenses, our team filmed the tutorial videos with precision and professionalism.

Due to the file size and the challenge of computer processing speed during post-production, many production companies use DSLRs and deliver only 1080p files.

We always use cinema cameras to shoot videos in highest-quality and deliver videos in 4K resolution, providing the best possible image quality for our clients, regardless of the video's subject matter.

In this project, in order to follow the department's guideline, we delivered 1080p files which are down-sampled from 4K.


Once the footage was captured, our team of skilled editors began the process of assembling the final videos. We carefully selected background music that complemented the content and set the right tone for each tutorial. We also applied noise reduction to the audio, to make it sound better. Our colourists then meticulously graded the footage, ensuring that each video had a consistent and visually appealing aesthetic.


To streamline the review process and ensure clear communication with the client, we used latest technology for feedback and adjustments. By providing timecode-baked rough cuts, we were able to fully understand the client's needs and avoid any misunderstandings or unnecessary back-and-forth. This workflow not only saved the client's time but also facilitated a more efficient editing process. Our professional colour grading will take your video image quality to the next level.



The Kind Medical's tutorial video series stands as a testament to our video production company's ability to create informative, engaging, and visually stunning content on time and within budget, specifically tailored to professional audiences such healthcare professionals. By working closely with the client and utilizing our team's diverse skillset, we were able to deliver a series of tutorial videos that not only met the client's needs but also exceeded their expectations.

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