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Cubic Tech Video Production Case Study



Cubic Tech, a leading 3D printer filament supplier, sought to produce two high-quality videos to showcase its diverse product offerings. Our team at MSN DIGITAL was tasked with refining the script, organizing voice-over talent, location scouting, filming, and editing. The final result included two polished 4K videos demonstrating Cubic Tech's products and reinforcing its brand image.




To produce two engaging, informative videos that highlight Cubic Tech's 3D printer filament products and showcase their commitment to quality and innovation.






Script Refinement:

Our team collaborated with Cubic Tech to refine their basic script and ensure it met video production requirements. We focused on clarifying the message, enhancing the visual storytelling, and ensuring the content resonated with the target audience.


Location Scouting:

Our team visited the proposed filming location (the client’s warehouse) to assess its suitability and determine optimal camera angles and lighting setups.


Client Consultation:

We engaged in discussions with CubicTech to fully understand their needs and goals for the project, ensuring that the final videos would meet their expectations.


Shoot List:

We prepared a comprehensive shoot list to guarantee all relevant products were showcased in the videos.






Canon Cinema cameras were used to capture high-quality 4K footage, ensuring a professional look and feel for the videos.



Our team carefully followed the shoot list, capturing all necessary footage while maintaining a focus on visual storytelling and creative composition.






Our skilled editors worked to create a seamless narrative flow, incorporating the voice-over narration and refining the visual elements to produce engaging and informative videos.

Voice-Over Talent:

We organized professional voice-over talent to narrate the videos, providing an engaging and clear voice that aligned with Cubic Tech's brand image.


Final Delivery:

We delivered two polished 4K videos to CubicTech, showcasing their wide range of 3D printer filament products and reinforcing their commitment to quality and innovation.





Our comprehensive approach to the video production process resulted in two captivating, high-quality videos that effectively showcasedCubic Tech's diverse product offerings. The videos not only demonstrated the company's innovative solutions but also reinforced their brand image as a leader in the 3D printing industry. With these videos, Cubic Tech was able to better engage with their target audience, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive growth in their market.


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