TEDx Event at Melbourne High School

Conference, Multi-Cam

Overcoming Challenges in Filming a TEDx Event at Melbourne High School



Melbourne High School hosted a Tedx event in 2022, featuring six speakers over two days. As the video production company responsible for filming the event, we overcame several challenges with solutions. In this case study, we will outline the problems and steps we took to address them, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality video content.


Challenge 1: Audio Recording

The first challenge we faced was recording audio for the event. The audio mixer was located in a room on the first floor, while our cameras were positioned on the ground floor. This arrangement made it impossible to record audio directly into the cameras.


Solution 1: Field Recorder and Timecode System

To overcome this obstacle, we decided to use a field recorder typically employed in Film/TV production, combined with a timecode system. This solution allowed us to record audio and video separately and synchronize them in post-production accurately.


Challenge 2: Capturing DynamicVisuals

Our second challenge was to create dynamic and engaging visuals for the TEDx talks. We aimed to capture both wide and close shots of the speakers, as well as maintain focus on them throughout their presentations, even when zooming in and out.


Solution 2: Telephoto Lenses and Cinema Zoom Lens

To achieve these goals, we utilized two telephoto lenses for capturing close shots of the speakers.Additionally, we used a cinema zoom lens on the main camera to keep the speakers in focus at all times. The cinema zoom lens also allowed for wide-angle to medium shots, creating a more dynamic and visually appealing video.



Our solutions to the challenges we faced during this project enabled us to produce six high-quality4K videos, which are now available on the TEDx YouTube channel. Our ability to tackle these challenges head-on showcases our technical expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional video content for our clients.



This case study demonstrates our capacity to handle challenges and deliver exceptional results. By leveraging our skills, creativity, and solutions, we successfully captured the essence of the TEDx event at Melbourne High School. We pride ourselves on our problem-solving abilities and dedication to providing high-quality video services that meet and exceed our clients' expectations. As a result, potential clients can trust our expertise and commitment to bringing their events to life through dynamic and engaging visuals.


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